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by infamous Anonymous Coward

"While You and others may be an exception to the Rule, Your Species is thought of as You would think of a Primate in comparison.

You live in a Zoo. We are Your Zookeepers."

Ei Yei Yei. Now how do You swallow that and keep going after You've been made to understand It. When Your Paradigm falls down around Your knees - Ego truly dies...

I mean the Reality of It all. Ninety percent of It is all lies and Illusion fed to Us to keep Us in tow and subservient to the Controllers. All this without even knowing the larger picture of Who really runs the show.

Simply put and I may regret this but I cannot contain this in good conscience anymore. In the end - I would rather die saving My Soul than Live selling It. More and more feel this...

Where do I start - Hmmm,

- Its 2015 right now, not 2008 (YEP).
- We're an Engineered Species. They would call it Uplifted.
- They view Us as a Slave Race created by Them, and We were.
- We're essentially in the middle of a Family Squabble that has gone on for at least 200 000 years.
- There is NO Prime Directive. They view Our perception of Us having a Free-will choice as a Laugh. In Higher Dimensions - Yes - But that is a whole other account.
- While We share some of their DNA - They do not view Us as Equals AT ALL.
- They have Bases on the Moon, Mars, other Planets in this Solar System, and Elsewhere.
- They will not allow a Nuclear War. The Earth is viewed of as Their possesion. We are only another Animal in Their Garden and will not be allowed to run amok to the extent that We destroy Their Garden...
- We have no real Governments. They are all a sham and are controlled behind the Scenes by those Self Appointed to Rule over Us for Our own Good.
- Religion has been a useful tool at Controlling Us and It will be used further to manipulate.
- By 2012 (Actually 2020 or so) Massive Contact will be made to save or Harvest enough of the Stock to save the Species. You can't have the Controllers having to go back to work and do what was given to those created for It - Us namely...

My sorrow is for others. Can I prove this. No - But then if I could actually prove it to all of You - I'd likely be taken out of the picture for doing so.

That They let Me get Information out at all says that I and others are being ALLOWED to do so on purpose. Thats gotta cook Your noodle a bit as well...

Be well. Be safe...
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